Writing Together, Apart

Pens Around the World is a peer group of creative writers working in English and living in far-flung places.

We help one another with critiques and encouragement, writing exercises and suggestions for publishing opportunities.

We interact in Zoom meetings and in our private forums. 

The group offers members the social interaction that writers in isolation need – or as much as Internet connections and e-mail allow.

You can see a list of our current members by clicking on Members, here or in our menu.

You can subscribe to our website and receive updates when we publish new blog posts.

We welcome new members. If you find all this attractive, why not apply to join us?

How this website is organised

There are two sides to this website, a public facing side and a private side.

Open to all are our WordPress pages. You can see links to some of them in the Menu above and there’s a fuller list lower down on this page.  

On the other hand our Zoom rooms and all our Forums are private and open only to members. It is in our Forums that much of our social and writerly support activity takes place.

Below you can see an image of some of our most recent Forum Posts and newest active Topics. 

(Note, if you are a logged-in member you may also see the current most recent Posts and Topics.)

Above: Screengrab of recent private Forum Posts and Topics

Our public pages