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Filipina writer Raissa Claire R. Falgui is the author of the story collections Dreaming of the Sea and Virtual Centre and other sci-fi stories, the YA novel of historical fiction Woman in a Frame, and several children’s books. She is now an editor at Milflores Publishing.

Raissa’s guest blog post for us: The Author as an Actor. (In her picture here to the right she is channeling her inner Frida Kahlo!)

Raissa has an active presence on the Good Reads website.

Raissa R Falgui channelling her inner Frida Khalo

Ruth Tauber portrait

Ruth Tauber is a Scottish-Swedish writer who lives near Stockholm. She has had non-fiction published by Caught by the River and Sidetracked Magazine and is now working on her first novel. With a deep interest in migration, place and the natural world, she writes compulsively between copy assignments for global Swedish brands and making snacks for her kids. She loves hip hop, staring at campfires, ancient Scottish poetry and talking about creativity with anyone who will listen.

Ruth’s Guest Blog post for us: Finding a hyphen

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Mirjam Frosth is a multi-hyphenate professional in the arts with a background in poetry, visual art, and bookmaking. As Writer-in-residence at the Harn Museum of Art, she helped visitors and colleagues find their creative power through poetry. At Moderna Museet, she helped research and create publications and exhibitions like Nan Goldin’s This Will Not End Well, which was recognized by Hyperallergic as one of the best art books of 2023. Her poetry has been published by the likes of Harvard Review, B O D Y, and Ghost City Press. Her research at Stockholm University delved into poet Frank O’Hara’s writing, investigating the influences of post-WWII technology and art on his practice. She is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, with her boyfriend, as well as her dog, Sten.

Mirjam’s guest blog post for us: Connection, art, and the written word

Mirjam’s previously published works and other projects can be found at You’re more than welcome to say “hi” to her and follow along for updates on her Instagram profile @mimmble.

Mirjam Frosth profile portrait

Paddy Kelly was born in Ireland and narrowly avoided being a farmer. A romantic accident moved him to Sweden where he remains to this day, now a huge fan of standing in line, wind-driven snow and fermented fish. He’s had stories, poems and articles published all over, in places ranging from The Irish Times to Analog Science Fiction. He works as a technical writer, using small words to explain big things. Among his hobbies are urban hiking, Belly Dance, board gaming, acorns and, perhaps ironically, farming.

Paddy’s Guest Blog post for us: On Giving Up Writing

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Ali Taha: Hailing from the shores of Nova Scotia, Ali is the son of Lebanese immigrants and a first generation Canadian. A graduate of the University of Toronto, Ali served as the Editor-in-Chief of his campus’ newspaper, The Medium. He is currently Co-Editor-in-Chief of Archetype magazine.

Ali was a member of Pens Around the World between 2021 and 2022 and wrote us the following posts: Leaky Individuals and Learning From What Came Before.

Sue Borgersen

Sue Borgersen, who writes as S.B. Borgersen, is a British/Canadian author of English and Hebridean ancestry. Her favoured genres are micro, flash fiction, and poetry. Her publisher is Unsolicited Press and a her most recent titles from them are While the Kettle Boils (150 micro fictions) and Of Daisies and Dead Violins (poetry), both published in 2021. Forthcoming in 2023 is The Sequence Dance, a collection of forty of her award-winning short stories. Sue’s website is at Glorious Mud Studios.

Sue was a member of Pens around the World in 2021 and 2022. During that time she wrote us the following blog posts: Launching Books during Pandemic Lockdowns | Poems Please (Pensive) | Acknowledging Writing Groups | Profile your Characters Like a Pro (Pensive) | When Writing is Akin to Knitting | Encounters and signs (Pensive)

Patricia Cole is a retired accountant. An unfortunate accident left her unable to work full time so she decided to turn her hand to something completely different. She discovered an aptitude for writing fiction and has had some success with short stories and at the grand age of 75 had her first novel A Greek Summer published under her maiden name of Patricia Frew. She was born in Scotland but has lived in Canada, the Turks and Caicos Islands, a small island in Greece for 15+ years. She now lives in East Anglia.

See and hear Patricia reading from her novel A Greek Summer.

A Founder Member of Pens Around the World, Patricia has written the following posts for us: Harness Your Passion | Does Living Abroad Broaden Your Mind (Pensive) | Common Mistakes | Unforgettable Experiences (Pensive) | Philological Challenge (Pensive) | Spring is in the Air

Portrait photo of Patricia Cole

Jim McCrory has an MA in Creative Writing and BA in English Literature and Creative Writing. Although he specialises in the personal essay form, he also likes to try his hand at poetry and flash fiction. His short story, ‘Taken for a Ride’, set in Sicily was published (2020) in A Multilingual Decameron: Stories of a Different World. He is currently working on a series of personal essays under the theme What It Means to be Human. Jim has lived in Norway and travelled around the globe, but his home is on Scotland’s West Coast where, he writes, “the Atlantic winds bend me, and the colours make me young.”

Jim was a probationary member of PATW for a period in 2022, before leaving us to join a group formed with his MA coursemates.

Before he left, Jim wrote us the following Bi-weekly Wisdom blog post: The Art of the Personal Essay.

Pete Armstrong once threw a two-pitch inning; once took a wrong turning and got lost in The Bronx; once walked into a moose; once had a cryptic crossword published; once solved a mathematics problem that had defeated Paul Erdős; once played in an actual ice hockey game; once worked as a secret boffin; once won a fiction competition; once ran a marathon; once read Jerome K. Jerome in Swedish; once hit a walk-off home run; once had a book published; once won a judo black belt; once programmed a supercomputer; once came last in a county 1500 metres final; once illustrated his own children’s book; once threw 180 in a darts match; once walked to work in -30 C; once won a pool game with a full table clearance; once got happily married; four times held his newly born child and countless times read his children books, which is the best thing ever.

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Pete was a Founder Member of Pens Around the World

Pete Armstrong

Angela Williams aka Susan Carey

Angela Williams writes using the pseudonym Susan Carey. Since 1986 she has lived in the Netherlands where she writes stories in between the less demanding jobs of house-sitting, dog-walking and dreaming of worldwide renown. She has had short stories and flash fiction published and performed by, amongst others, Mslexia, Liars’ League, Writers Abroad, Reflex Fiction, Flash Flood Journal, The Fabulist Magazine and Casket of Fictional Delights. In 2020 she published her story collection, Healer. Available on Amazon.

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A Founder Member of Pens Around the World, Angela has written the following blog posts for us: Ten Remarkable Facts about Nijmegen | An Ostentation of Peacocks (Pensive) | Hair, our Crowning Glory | Monday Muse 5 April (Pensive)

Laura Besley is the author of micro fiction collection, 100neHundred (Arachne Press, 2021), and flash fiction collection, The Almost Mothers (Dahlia Books, 2020). Having lived in the Netherlands, Germany and Hong Kong, she now lives in land-locked central England and misses the sea.

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Laura was the first non-member Guest Blogger at Pens Around the World. She has written the following post for us: Writing is Like a Team Sport

Laura Besley