These How-to videos cover various subjects. You can play and view them from this page or from our YouTube channel (here). If you find the videos are moving too quickly, pause them using the pause button ⏸️. You will see the pause button in the bottom left-hand corner of the video screen. The Absolute basic videos also have a voice-over which says more or less what the text on screen says. You can mute the videos by clicking the volume symbol 🔈 (next to the pause button) and view the videos in silence. Make the videos full screen by clicking the square symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the video screen.

Absolute basic posting

An Absolute Basic introduction to Posting blog posts at the Pens Around The World website. Add title, text in paragraphs, upload images, save, preview, and how to return to edit again. (About 6½ minutes.)

Absolute basic publishing

An Absolute Basic introduction to Publishing blog posts on the Pens Around the World website. View this if you have a post ready to publish and you want to be reminded how to go about it. (About 5½ minutes.)