Are you a writer with experience of living abroad?

Are you looking for a friendly, fairly informal, virtual writing group?

Perhaps Pens Around the World would be a good match for you.

Pens Around the World is a peer group of creative writers working in English, who live, or have experienced living, in far-flung places. We believe this gives us a perspective not shared by writers without this experience.

Members of Pens Around the World support one another, for example by:

  • Participating in offering and receiving reviews and critiques when asked,
  • Sharing writing opportunities and ideas,
  • Participating in the ongoing development of our WordPress/BuddyPress website,
  • Writing blog posts (Bi-weekly Wisdoms) and writing prompts (Pensives). (Your commitment would be to write roughly four times per year.)
  • Attending our video business meetings regularly, and video feedback and social meetings as desired. (We hold business meetings for one hour per month, ten months of the year.)

We anticipate your minimum time commitment to be a couple of hours per month.

Members gain access to members-only content on our website, which includes various discussion groups, a FAQ guide, and instructional videos.

Note that new members are assigned a “buddy” to assist them in getting to know our meetings routine, our members, and our WordPress site.

Pens Around the World is looking to welcome new members!

If you feel you might be a fit for us, and we might be a fit for you, wow us by completing our application form below!

The application process includes a video conversation of approximately 30 minutes with a member of our Executive Committee.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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These questions may help: What do you write? What are your writing aspirations? What do you see as your writing strengths and weaknesses? Do you have experience of publishing your writing anywhere? Can we read samples of your work on-line? Can you share links to one or two examples? What would you hope to get out of membership in Pens Around The World? What skills and passions would you bring to the group?
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