Debbie Hubbard, aka DC Hubbard, is an American ex-pat who has spent most of her adult life in Germany, or elsewhere in Europe. She went to Germany as a graduate student long, long ago in a universe far, far away, never to return to the US. Now she lives in an idyllic village with one English husband, one goldie, and two sassy cats. Her three wonderful adult children and their entourages live close by.
She hedges only one regret: That she started writing so late. In 2012 she published her novel “The Peace Bridge”. Since then, she has had around a dozen German-language short stories published in anthologies. Her love of European history is the driving force behind many of them. However, in the past four years, aberrations in US politics have redirected her thoughts from a historical focus to current political events.
In the end, what she enjoys most is playing with language(s) to tell good stories, preferably ones that offer insight into the human condition.