The cat is called Princess. She adopted us in early August after being abandoned for some time, a common problem in France. After much TLC, she’s grown into a beautiful and affectionate moggy. With ample prey in the hedges and fields that surround chez Wilds, she’s a fierce mouser. The downside is that she brings them live into the house and we have the devil’s own job to catch them.

One cute rat looking out of a wooden box

Robert Burns termed it ‘That wee, sleeket, cowran, tim’rous beastie’. Small as it is, the mouse frightens the most surprising of people.

There’s a raft of famous cats, mainly fictional. Sylvester, Topcat, Garfield and Tom (of Jerry fame) conjure up images in a trice. Mickey, Jerry, Danger Mouse and Stuart Little do the same for rodents.

What literary thoughts do they bring to your mind? A tale centring on a feline or a mouse, or do your brain cells push you towards an exciting cat and mouse game of suspense, such as a wartime exploit or the pursuit of an arch-criminal? It’s a very broad field.


  1. Love that cat!

    I once wrote a really bad poem about a cat called Zelda. Here are a few lines:

    Zelda the Zealot’s a tree-loving cat,
    she’ll climb way up high if there’s something to pat.
    Zelda the Zealot’s without fear, not a trace!
    She’ll walk along branches with balance and grace.
    Zelda the Zealot’s a most active cat,
    but sometimes she stops for a requiescat.
    Zelda the Zealot’s the only cat I know
    who’ll happily play all day in the snow.

    And on and on. Illustrated with photos of the cat in question. See more here.

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