An Ostentation of Peacocks

This post is by Angela Williams. A Founder Member of Pens Around the World, she left us in 2021, to pursue a demanding creative writing course. We wish her well! More about Angela on our Friends of Pens page here.


I’ve had some preparation time by supplying daily prompts for a writer friend in (non-sick) quarantine so thought I’d share some with you. Include any of the following in your story or poem.

1: A story/poem with the word/bird peacock in it.

2: An object found in a box.

3: Play around with collective nouns for animals. Your piece doesn’t have to be about animals. Collective noun could be the title, an expression, piece of dialogue, anything.

4: Take the first line of a favourite poem and riff upon it.

5: Write down the first name of someone you disliked at school. Use the name of your first home or hometown as a surname. Write about your invented character and include a ball in your story. Any interpretation of the word ball.

Good luck! And don’t think of penalties…


    • Me too, Gail, and I must write about owning a peacock called Percy and his hen one day too.

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