We’ve all reported that our motivation and writing output have severely diminished, if not stopped, during the pandemic. Letters and articles in writing magazines reveal that countless writers have faced similarly afflictions.

Look at Writing magazine‘s March and April issues for tips on how to get through lockdown.

So, have you any stories or poems that have been prompted by Covid? Or perhaps you might gather your thoughts during the experience and commit them to paper?

Happy writing!


  1. Hey Nigel,
    I would say I was late to the party, but it looks Iike my arrival will start it. 😉 In the first months of lockdown, a year ago, I did write a couple of short prose pieces and a couple of light-hearted poems. Then I went down a lot of genealogical rabbit holes that kept me very distracted from the pandemia and occupied my brain and time completely.

    Here’s a poem I wrote at a time well before the planet had so many deaths to mourn.

    Old-Timers? Take

    In the Age of Coronavirus
    Our brains have come to know,
    That a Monday?s as good as a Friday
    And weekends have lost their glow.

    Calendars are useless
    When there?s nowhere you have to be.
    Just enjoy the monthly pictures
    For there?s nothing else to see.

    Mornings you read the papers
    And ain?t it always the same?
    The only new highs are of cases and deaths,
    And everyone?s playing the blame game.

    Numbers keep climbing higher,
    Still people can?t seem to stay home.
    They don?t mind working from there.
    It?s the restaurants and clubs they bemoan.

    So, keep pointing your fingers
    At spreaders of the plague,
    We lucky ones sit with our feet up,
    And our pension still gets paid.

    Many work for our safekeeping,
    Endangered as we are.
    Thanks to the frontline workers,
    They should earn more, much more by far.

    Whether in shops or ICUs.
    Medals of honor they should be getting.
    It?s time they got their due.
    A generous cash bonus would even be more fitting.

    Splendid Isolation

    They locked us down together, just we two,
    How will we ever get through?
    To protect us from the world,
    they said, as outside the virus swirled.

    So, we sit in our double reclining chair,
    Watching movies, with nary a care.
    Armed with remotes galore.
    Goodness, lockdown is such a chore.

    Should we ever tire of moving pictures
    And are fed up by all the strictures,
    We?ve a library one floor above,
    Shelves full of books, what?s not to love?

    Have I mentioned the magic net
    We can spin on the computer set?
    A universe opens in our house
    If we just click on the mouse.

    Dog walks o?er the fields are permitted,
    Furtive trips to market admitted.
    But we rush home to our cozy cell
    To safety where we two dwell.

    After forty-five years together
    We?re two birds of a feather.
    So how do we fair?
    Indeed, our suffering is rare.

  2. Woops! I accidentally posted two poems instead of one! And in English, we say pandemic (not pandemia), right?

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