Draw your Writing Tree

Draw two vertical parallel lines, to form a tree trunk; label this ‘My writing tree’.

My Writing Tree

Add some leafy branches reaching towards the sky; label each one with a personal writing goal.

Green leaves and writing goals

Add more branches drooping downwards; label each one with a fear you have about your writing.

Orange leaves - my writing fears

Sketch some roots, supporting the trunk; label each with sources of succour you can draw on to help you achieve your writing goals and overcome your fears.

The roots sources of my strengths

Finish your writing tree with some shiny red apples; name each of these as a unique gift from you to your readers – past, present, or still to come.

The fruit of my writing

(Adapt the Writing Tree into a Life Tree, and create one for each of the characters in your Work in Progress: their life goals, secret fears, support systems and gifts for others.)

A lone tree on top of a slightly elevated height of grass. The picture is divided between the green grass in the bottom and the blue sky; the tree is in the middle of the image.
Lone tree on the Uetliberg, Zurich, Switzerland
Photo credit: Balise42 (Wikimedia Commons)


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