From Adversity Can Come Diversity and Greatness

The Commonwealth Games came to a successful conclusion on the 10th of August this year. The closing ceremony began with children playing hopscotch post World War 11 and the rebuilding of the third most bombed city in Britain, Birmingham, which became known as the city of a thousand trades.
They learned to work hard by day, and play by night, helped by immigrants answering the call to boost the workforce. With them came a diversity of culture still enjoyed today.

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Fast forward to today and the devastation of Ukraine. It will take many decades for this beautiful country to be rebuilt. But those that can fight for their existence will undoubtedly have what it takes to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of their destruction.
Look to the past, the present and a future filled with hope.
Can you put into words a circumstance of ruin or despair, on a global or personal level, and let the outcome of that event make something or someone all the better for it?

Across Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals England took 176, Scotland 51, Wales 28, Northern Ireland 18.  Commonwealth Games medal tables

 Commonwealth Games

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