Get Lost…in the Music

I have good news. I have found a YouTube rabbit hole that doesn’t waste your time!

If you’re a writer who likes to listen to music in the background while you wrestle with your words, then I may have found not only a great hub of musical content that you can listen to without interruption, but also a possible way to inspire some ideas!

There are a collection of YouTube channels that host livestreaming sessions of continuous music left to play out over hours and hours, completely uninterrupted. Each livestream is themed too. If you want to head back to the 1950s and place yourself in a diner filled with romantic 50s music, people chattering and night ambience, then head here. Or perhaps you’d prefer to head to Wonderland while in your dreams?

These channels have more than just the livestreamed content too, which means they have uploaded videos for you to access any time.

Not only is this music uninterrupted and offers the perfect balance between playing immersive tunes and sounds without being too invasive that it disturbs your flow, but it can also give you a creative boost. If you’re currently writing that gangster novel, but are stuck at a scene set in a coffeeshop, then check out the Oldies Playing in Coffee Shop scene, which does a great job at immersing you in the moment. And I need to mention the images that come with the music as well. The creator does a wonderful job of bringing an image to life. I particularly like the Oldies Playing in Coffee Shop because it’s an animation of my favourite painting – Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks.

So if you need a quick visual to place you back in the moment, or an ambience that speaks to the genre and/or timeframe of the piece you are working on, then this is for you. Or perhaps you are currently looking for new ideas and want to spend some time daydreaming some up, then pick a soundtrack that takes your fancy and daydream away.

There are many channels out there offering all types of background music while you work, across a whole range of genres and styles and vibes, but below are a few I use, depending on what I’m writing. And the more you listen to them, then the more your algorithm will spit out recommendations for you. Take a look at these below:

Nemo’s Dreamscapes – 1930s-1950s romantic music, dinner party music

Nobody – Existential music, dreamlike, classical music

Pandora Journey – Fantasy, inspirational music

SpaceWave – Cosmic Realisation – Spacey music, ambience, cyberpunk

Also, it’s free!


  1. @Michael I think in line 6 where you say “completely interrupted.” you mean the opposite?

  2. Vesna

    I use these uploads quite a bit, but mainly for massage or relaxation – and like the old person I am, I prefer them downloaded, available, and predictable. But I’d agree that sounds, music and soundscapes are highly instrumental in creating a mindset, even if it’s before you hit the desk rather than during. I’ve bookmarked some of the tabs – thanks!

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