Having Fun with Poetry?

Listening to a recent podcast reminded me that writing is supposed to be fun sometimes! If you’re feeling blocked in your writing, perhaps some sort of playing will help. I write fiction and creative non-fiction, but poetry has always presented some sort of blockage for me. Perhaps it was those forced haikus from grade school.

Try a little fun with poetry. I was inspired by a recent writing prompt, intended to encourage creativity through little 3-line poems. The structure, with credit to Janet Burroway, author of Imaginative Writing, consists of:

line 1: an abstraction + a verb + a place

line 2: describe attire (something you wear)

line 3: summarize an action

They look like:

Dreaming feeds at the beach
Flowing skirts
She spins until she takes flight

Try a few!

Here’s another poem Pensive prompt from Sue Borgersen!


  1. Here’s my first effort

    You have freedom. Get up, take the car
    in your baggy t-shirt.
    Don’t lie here sleeping!

    More in reply behind the scenes.

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