Having Fun with Poetry?

Listening to a recent podcast reminded me that writing is supposed to be fun sometimes! If you’re feeling blocked in your writing, perhaps some sort of playing will help. I write fiction and creative non-fiction, but poetry has always presented some sort of blockage for me. Perhaps it was those forced haikus from grade school.

White Burnt Paper With Text On Brown Wooden Table
Image by Poppy Thomas Hill

Try a little fun with poetry. I was inspired by a recent writing prompt, intended to encourage creativity through little 3-line poems. The structure, with credit to Janet Burroway, author of Imaginative Writing, consists of:

line 1: an abstraction + a verb + a place

line 2: describe attire (something you wear)

line 3: summarize an action

They look like:

Dreaming feeds at the beach
Flowing skirts
She spins until she takes flight

Try a few!

Here’s another poem Pensive prompt from Sue Borgersen!


  1. Here’s my first effort

    You have freedom. Get up, take the car
    in your baggy t-shirt.
    Don’t lie here sleeping!

    More in reply behind the scenes.

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