So many sites to see and only one life to visit them


The holiday season is upon us once again, and with the hoped-for lull in the Covid situation, thoughts turn to travel. Since all of us in this writer’s group either live in a country which is not the one where we were born, or we have returned “home” after living elsewhere, we have accumulated – or should have – many experiences that go beyond those of our fellow compatriots who stayed put.

Of course, even less permanent stays in other countries for holiday travel or work leave their marks on us in so many ways. They may involve positive effects or negative experiences. Write about one of your contacts with the outside world, either as a factual travel report or transformed into fiction.

Take a big gulp of country air and enjoy the miracles of spring


We are all affected by the weather and seasons. What is your favorite/least favorite season? In my mind, poetry is a form that lends itself to writing about the natural world all around us, perhaps because it reduces our thoughts down to an essence of feelings and senses in few words. Have a go at capturing the soul of the season of your choice, and don’t forget to use all of your senses.


  1. Spring haiku

    blue ladder of song
    lark ascending ~ kestrel stoops
    plummets like a stone.

  2. Here’s another spring haiku …

    Young oak leaves curl crisp
    Succulent, tempting – bitter
    as loss in the mouth.

    Young oakleaves in the rain

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