Do you have a muse? Write about her. I say “her”, because the original Greek muses were female. But yours may not be. Write about what form he/she/it takes and how they influence you. Does he/she/it visit often or do you have to chase them down? Do you have more than one?

Global warming is giving some of us hot summer days and nights, much hotter than we care to experience. Write about the physical and psychological effects that heat has on a character (or yourself) and how it feels when the rain finally comes. Lots of space here to wow us, appeal to our senses. Of course, some of us are having disappointing summer days. Write about them and the yearning for heat. Of course, this needs to be more than a straightforward weather report! Work it into a story.

Do you find it difficult to write from the perspective of a character of a different sexual identity? Try your hand at writing a scene where boy meets girl, or indeed, from the other options available to us in this modern age. (Girl meets girl, boy meets boy, etc…)


  1. It is so very hot here, almost too much to bear.

    I sit inside, oh what a waste, but really, I don’t care.

    It does look beautiful in the sun, the sky so very blue,

    But if I put a foot outside, I certainly will it rue.

    They say you could fry eggs upon the roasting terrace stone

    I’d love to try but, oh, the mess, enough to make me groan.

    I long for Norfolk’s lush green fields where sheep and cattle graze

    With shady trees and babbling brooks, no choking heat-filled haze.

    A shower of rain, it seems to me, would be a gift from Heaven.

    Although I know it sometimes rains all seven days out of seven.

    So, then I will remember the sun and sky so blue,

    But back home in the old UK is where my heart is true.

  2. Oh, Pat, I know how you feel! While we were in Italy in July, we sought out shade in the morning and afternoon. In between, we stayed inside where it was up to 8-10° cooler – not air-conditioned though! It felt like a sin but it was necessary for survival. It does teach us northern Europeans to appreciate the sense of the tradition of afternoon siesta in Mediterranian countries.

  3. So I finally have something creative to post but I’ll do that on our private page, just in case I can “use” it somewhere.

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