Start a story with one of these lines:

  • “I’ve heard that Santa is diabetic so what are we going to do with all those cookies?”
  • “Sally and Sam had always prepared turkey for Christmas dinner, but after what happened last year, they changed the menu.”
  • “Philip asked Santa for a really special gift and now he was worried he might actually get it.”

Write about two characters who can’t escape each other, whether they’re together in lockdown, snowed in, forced to become roommates, or trapped in a haunted house.

How about waxing lyrical with a snowball poem? It’s a constraint in which a poem starts with a one-letter word and each word after it grows in size by one letter (a two-letter word, followed by a three-letter word, etc.). Write your own snowball and see how far you can get – you can always reverse the process halfway through and start shrinking words by one letter if you like. If you center it on a page it should look a bit like a Christmas tree.


  1. I’m seeing an edit button right next to where it says reply. Are you logged in? That may make a difference. Other thing you can do is post it on our private members’ pensive forum. There you have lots more formatting options.
    BTW good poem!!

  2. Oh Debbie, that 2 characters trapped together during the early months of lockdown certainly resonates for me. I couldn’t have written about it when fresh, but with a degree of distance I could do it now, two characters in 3rd person. I’m already laughing.

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