One word cues

On a short story writers’ course I followed, the course leader asked participants to brainstorm in 10 minutes everything that came to mind when we thought of one word.

Then we had to take the brainstorm, select one item in the list and use it to write a single sentence. This sentence is the first line of a short story, a memoir or a novel. The sentence needs to hook the reader, introduce a character, give the reader an idea or a question about the coming story, leave the reader wanting more. (At least one, but conceivably all of the above!)

Below are three words and six images. Use one word, one image, or any combination you choose. Brainstorm for ten minutes and then … share the one opening sentence you come up with!


Picture credits

Wikmedia Commons.

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    • Thanks Gail! It was serendipity. I found the two very different pics of women holding a finger to their lips when I searched Wikimedia Commons for “silence”, and then I though I had to try to double up all the pictures in a similar way.

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