Pensive 9 August 2021

You are a dog whisper. You’ve been that way since childhood. It’s not that you know what they are thinking; you can hear them in your mind, always with individual voices—sometimes with accents. You don’t advertise this skill. People would think you’re crazy, but this happened today, and you have decided to share it.

Pick either hound in the photos. You were passing by and he or her unusual circumstances caught your attention. You stopped to have a chat.

Use as many words as you want.


  1. Oh yea, let’s verbalize for these pooches that can only express themselves with facial expressions or loud barks. Poor things!

  2. I love the dogs, Bruce! Especially the exhausted looking one in the first picture. Heat or boredom. There’s a story there for sure!

  3. For doggie in the bin:

    Fall Scent
    Smell of burning leaves
    The turning foliage
    Gone prismatic in the light
    Then falling, raked, inflamed
    White scarves of smoke
    Sweet scented sendoff.

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