Profile your Characters Like a Pro

This post is by Sue Borgersen. A member of Pens Around the World in 2021 and 2022. Learn about Sue on our Friends of Pens page here.

Sue Borgersen

Profile your characters like a pro

Try a slightly different character study.

Here are two characters, without talking about how they look, write a short paragraph about what kind of person would squeeze a toothpaste tube in this manner. Just one character – or both. If both, write about their differences, their compatibilities. Talk about behaviours, outlook on life that kind of thing. Even tastes in music (think Rebus for instance). Or if they write poetry (think Dalgleish). 

Be the detective, see how just how much you can see ‘squeeze’ out of your character (s) based on how they squeeze a toothpaste tube. We’re looking for personality traits rather than looks.

And finally, if you are absolutely thrilled with your words, how about an ode to a toothpaste tube?


  1. Useful reminder about knowing every small detail of your character, Sue. (And, I love the photo.)

  2. My first thought, if written and published, could risk the tranquility of my marriage!

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