The Cave in my Mind

I’m posting the (unaltered) poem of an eleven year old daughter of a friend (with her permission). Her mother had home educated all her children until illness prevented her from doing so a year ago.
They went to school with some trepidation. The school kept asking my friend to look at the Class Charts, and she was frightened that this child was failing. When she finally looked she found that this daughter was excelling in all subjects including English, that the child had previously said she hated. The space for creativity was all she needed!

The Cave in my mind

Arriving at the cross roads, Where the fields meet

the beach. You are standing under a beautiful

bright full moon.

The Sweet smell of beach grown lavender,

swirling on the whistling wind, Guiding you to the

mouth of the cave.

Behind you, you Hear the waves gently washing

away your footprints in the wet sand. The crickets

in the grass sing their lonely song.

A thousand or more Bats asleep over head.

Tunnels echo as Dark as the night sky. The damp

carpet of moss that covers the wallls absorbs all

the noise.

The silence surrounds you, the Rock floor

shimmering in the moon light. The crunch of

hollow sea shells under foot no longer heard.

Firefly’s swiftly gathering beside you gently

buzzing in your ear, lighting the way back home.

Evalyn’s poem.

See if the Cave in your mind will come up with a short description or poem!


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