The Thing You’re Most Afraid Of

“the thing you are most

afraid to write.

write that.”

Nayyirah Waheed from salt

I heard this quote a few months ago and it stuck in my mind.

If you are working on a memoir and not writing about the thing you’re most afraid of, maybe you’re unconsciously avoiding something critically important. I am working on a memoir and I’m not at all sure I’m writing what’s at the center of it all. If you’re writing fiction, are you writing about your greatest fears through your characters? What are the things you are most afraid of? Change, loneliness, failure, success, rejection, illness, abandonment, the unknown, and death are some big ones.

Pick one one these, or another that springs to mind when reading the question, and write 250 words about it. Keep going if you like. Maybe you’ll come up with something you can work into your work in progress.


  1. Anna-Rose Phipps

    I needed to read this. It chimes! Thank you

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