Vintage Travel Posters

I follow book blogger, writer and translator Marina Sofia who recently shared some vintage travel posters on her Friday Fun post at Finding Time to Write. She suggested they make excellent book covers for stories from the period before the Second World War when there was an upsurge in travel. After a Google search I found the picryl website which has a goldmine of images including the posters below. Can you use these to inspire a piece of short fiction or poetry?


  1. I looked at the posters in the site you mention, and there was one of Lake Constance that I think of as the Bodensee, which brought back memories of a school trip for my German class staying on the shores there and visiting Switzerland and Austria by leaving the German shore by boat, and landing on the other side of the lake.
    That memory brought back sounds, sights and smells from that fortnight’s stay.

    • A similar thing happened to me when I looked at the Vicenza poster. I visited the town many times when I had a boyfriend living there.

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