I’ve been a petrolhead since my early teens, buying, fixing, restoring, modifying and even racing cars of all sorts. Some I look back on fondly, others have been money pits.

Nowadays, I relax in the comfort of my saloon car with its heated seats, but for high days and holidays, I also have a 1972 Triumph TR6 sports car and enjoy wind-in-the hair (what’s left of it!) motoring on deserted French roads. The TR is sound and solid, but is no concours winner.

Ferrari Dino 246

Nonetheless, until the lottery comes up trumps, there remain my elusive dream cars. Top of the list is the 1970s Ferrari Dino pictured above. For me, it’s the most beautiful car ever made, followed by the E-type Jaguar. I remember the heady days when the Dino was yours for £5,000 and E-types for paltry sums, as they rusted badly. Today, you’ll need £300,000-400,000 for the Ferrari and £75,000-120,000 for the Jag.

Just imagine showboating along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice before tootling off to chance your luck at the tables in Monaco.

Many stories have been written about cars and featuring them. ‘On the Road’ by Jack Kerouac and ‘The Trip’ by Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are just two examples. Do you have fond memories of a car, a trip, or a holiday, climbing Alpine passes or meandering from beach to beach in a VW Camper?

Time to get on your writing road.

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  1. I don’t drive, never learned, but I have very fond memories of drives in the English countryside with my father when I was a child. Dad was an excellent driver, something I didn’t appreciate till many years later when I’d been driven by a range of other drivers and rarely felt as relaxed. Considering how my father was when he was not driving – he was not a very nice man – it’s good to look back on those journeys. Weekend drives, meandering through the Sussex countryside (as often as not, to visit a country pub) then meandering home again. I’m not sure if he would count as a petrolhead, and I don’t know if he aspired to own a high-end motor, but put him behind the wheel of any car and he was content and as amenable as I ever knew him.

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