Pens Around the World in 2023… and going forward

Pens Around the World, our international, Internet-based writers’ group celebrates the start of its fourth year in 2024. With members scattered across the globe from the USA to Singapore, and from Orkney, Sweden and the south-west corner of England, to Spain, Germany and France, we meet virtually to offer support, encouragement and advice.

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We’re accepting new members now! We especially welcome writers, writing in English, who find themselves far from a nurturing local community. Apply by February 8th by filling out the form under Join Us in the top menu – or just click here.

To learn more about what we do, look around our site! Or read last January’s summary of 2022, that runs over what we do Behind the Scenes and Front of House.


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This coming year you’ll be able to read interesting and varied blog posts not only from our members, but also from several fantastic guest bloggers. You wouldn’t want to miss that, would you?

Interest in PATW increasing

In 2023 we said farewell to two members, Sue Borgersen in Nova Scotia and Ali Taha in Toronto, and welcomed Rachel Whitby now living in Spain.

Although our membership has shrunk, interest in our website has grown. During 2023, we saw the average number of our visitors increase by roughly 80% from around 670 a month in the first quarter to around 1230 a month in the fourth quarter!

Where do our visitors come from?

Our visitors come from the following countries (ranked according to frequency).

1. Sweden6. France11. China
2. The USA7. Singapore12. Italy
3. The UK8. Spain13. Switzerland
4. German9. Canada
5. ‘Other’10. Finland

One interesting thing about these statistics are the number of visitors we receive from the USA (where we only have one member – Kimberly). It suggests we are getting a lot of interest from non-members there. (Of course the US is also a source of bots.)

The ‘Other’ category is most interesting as we have no members in ‘Other’! We are receiving visits from people coming from such a wide variety of places that our tracking software chooses not to break them down. Low numbers of visits from a variety of different places are unlikely to be bots, but more likely to be actual human beings. (Hurrah!)

A lot of the visits go to our pages that are very interesting for a website administrator but may be less so to the general reader (our log-in page and our forums pages (which includes topics on the business of writing and writig competitions), for example). But you may be as pleased as I am to know that it’s our front page that receives the bulk of visits. Most people (and bots) go there first before opening other pages.

Popular posts published in 2023

In 2023 our ten most opened blog posts (linked below) were:

I believe that all these posts received more visitors spread through the year after their initial publication, and will continue to receive readers going forward. Some posts from earlier in 2023 continued to get new readers through the year, enough to bump them up in the most popular list for 2023.

Posts from 2022 that withstand the test of time

Among the most read older posts were …

There was an increase in the number of readers generally towards the end of the year and I think that is reflected in the December figures for the older posts.

Special commendations

Two of our members didn’t see their posts come up in the statistics above. In order for no one to feel left out, here are my special recommendations for your further reading pleasure at Pens Around the World!

Wherefore Art Thou Publisher? by Michael Pudney, published at the beginning of October. What happens when you get a response from no less then two publishers on two separate books … and then silence?

Draw Your Writing Tree by Miriam Landor, published at the beginning of May 2023. A clever introduction to planning your writing life and overcoming your writing fears is particularly appropriate to reference at the start of this new writing year.

That was the year that was …

… So, once again, Onward! To 2024.


  1. John, am catching up with your post a bit late, but I thank you for the great recap of 2023 with all the enlightening data and your remarks.

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