Spring is in the Air

This Guest Post is by Patricia Cole. Patti was a founder member of Pens Around the World. She left us when she and her husband moved back to England after 15+ years in Greece.

Here in the Southern Aegean Spring is in the air. On the mainland cold weather rages and there is snow in the North. The bad weather is forecast to reach here later in the week, but it will not last long and for now we can feel the warmth of the sun.

Some brave people are swimming but I am not one of them!

I am hoping the rising of the sap will kick start my creative juices but while I sit at my computer and think, here is a poem that encapsulates my feelings at this time of year. 

Symi steps

Island in the Spring by Patricia Cole 

The sun shines once again, it’s spring

air redolent with scents of herbs 

water in the bay a shimmering blue 

white fluffs of clouds meander o?er the sky 

wild cyclamen appear from every crack 

daisies raise their faces to the sun 

for a few short weeks our island will be green 

before the long hot summer takes a hold. 

The almond blossom’s heavy on the trees 

the sounds of bleating lambs to make one smile 

warm sun touches winter skin 

foretaste of summer heat to come 

blue sky, washing blowing in the breeze 

children playing football in the square 

our island waking up from winter sleep 

uplifts the soul, so pleased to be alive. 

Tourists flock here for relentless sun 

to lie on beaches broiling, turning red 

thinking they know the island very well 

but never glimpse it as it is right now 

they see it brown and scorched with heat 

a harsh and craggy rock arising from the sea 

they never breathe this green and lovely isle 

a tiny part of Greece that is my home. 


  1. Pat, you are so fortunate to be spring-wise way ahead of us in the middle of Europe, who are captive in winter’s frozen landscape. But winter does also have its charm. Especially when sun and blue skies reign above and fields and forests glitter with snow. Inside of an evening, a nice wood fire augments the room’s temperature as well as its cosy atmosphere. But your poem gives us reason to hope that in a couple of months, we too will enjoy spring’s arrival with the first bulbs pushing their way into the sunlight. We too can turn our faces to the heavens and feel the sun’s warmth. Aren’t seasons a wonderful thing?
    BTW does every island have a paint color that residents are obliged to use?

  2. Debbie, You are correct in that winter has its charms. When I lived in Northern BC the winters were spectacular. When it wasn’t snowing the sky was blue and the sun glittered off the pristine landscape. Yes, seasons are wonderful and I never cease to wonder at the glories of Mother Nature.
    Our island of Symi is a conservation island and the paint colours are regulated and should be the original colour wash. However, more and more people are using acrylic paint and the colours are deeper and harsher and, in my humble opinion, spoil the island’s beauty.

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