Wherefore Art Thou Publisher?

Photo by David Brooke Martin on Unsplash

Lightning struck twice this week – I received two positive responses from two different publishers regarding two different books! One response came with a request for me to send them the first 50 pages of my narrative non-fiction story, while the other request asked me to edit a few sections of my young adult dystopian thriller and resubmit. Both doable, both exciting.

However (there’s always a however, right?), I responded with some questions and comments regarding both requests, and both have gone silent on me. Cue the stereotypical image of the author, holed up in his room, hugging himself in the foetal position on his bed, rocking side to side and telling the wall the reasons why they have suddenly decided to ignore, no, despise me, and throw my work out of the nearest window, shocked that they would ever consider working with a lowly, needy writer such as I.

Was it something I said in the email? Was the return address written out correctly? Did the attachment get corrupted on the way? Will somebody tell me what the hell is going on!! Here might be a good place to take note that the road is long, slow, a marathon you could say, as fellow author Gail Aldwin explains in her piece How Did I Get To Publication Day?

This Bi-Weekly has given me the chance to flesh out how I went from thinking I’d become a simultaneously-double-published-genius-award-winning author and transforming into an annoying-blacklisted-pen-pushing worrier.

And what is my takeaway in all this chaos and confusion? Perhaps I should allow at least an hour to pass after sending my emails before starting to panic.

Just chill, Michael. There’s wisdom in that.


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