Writing Residencies

Writing Residencies

I am currently spending time on a writing residency at the wonderful Brisons Veor, close to St Just in Cornwall. This is made possible by the trust which accepts applications from anyone working in the arts to enjoy a period of respite from the distractions of daily life to focus on creative projects. Constructed as a boiler house for the Cape Cornwall Tin Mine, it was converted by an architect in 1978 and purchased by Tracy O’Kates, the benefactor. (Look for the building to the left of the big white house.) Brisons Veor is said to be the westernmost dwelling on the English mainland. It’s situated at a point where Atlantic currents divide, moving south to the English Channel and north to the Irish Sea. In 1987 Cape Cornwall was purchased for the nation by Heinz, and given into the care of the National Trust. This unique location provides a rich environment for ideas and creativity to flourish.

The writing residency provides the opportunity for solitude, isolation and the elements. The wind is fabulous: it turns the sea into a rucked white apron that spreads over the blue. When the sun is out, warmth floods through an open doorway into the first-floor workshop. The sound of the waves sucking, clawing and whooshing is a constant accompaniment. Inside at night when the wind blasts the walls, Brisons Veor cocoons those inside.

Have you ever been on writing residency? If you’re interested, here are others you might want to check out:

Hoskings Housing Trust (for women)

Hawthornden Literary Retreat

Photo: Annie Spratt


  1. What an amazing opportunity for you, Gail! Sounds like a dream come true. I’m sure you will squeeze the most out of your time there. May it be productive!

    • Gail Aldwin

      Thanks, Debbie. So far so good. Making progress with new ms.

  2. I have many fond memories of Cornwall and the St Ives area is lovely.

    What a super opportunity, with all that peace and quiet. I’m sure your ‘pen’ will be very creative.

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